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finger joint woodwork

A Guide to Cutting Finger Joints

Finger Joints:Looking to show off your artistry as a woodworker? Mastering the craft of finger joint woodwork is an excellent way to do it. Finger joint woodworking is a simple, beautiful method of creating interlocking joints to connect wood. Finger joinery is a relatively straightforward process. Yet, it is easy to make mistakes when you…

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best dovetail jig

A Guide to Finding the Best Dovetail Jig For Woodworking

Best dovetail jig. Dovetail joints are not only beautiful, but they’re practically unbreakable. In fact, woodworkers have been using them since ancient Egypt, and the pieces we find throughout history are still intact today. If you want to get into creating dovetail joints for your woodworking projects, you’re going to need the best dovetail jig you can…

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woodworking hobby

The Craftsman’s Guide to Starting a Woodworking Hobby

Woodworking is a hobby that’s been around for hundreds of years. But even before complex tools became available, humans have always had a fascination with building things of their very own. If you’re one of the many Americans who are interested in getting into this great manual labor hobby in their free time — congratulations, you’ve…

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