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Wooden Birdhouse

How to Build a Wooden Birdhouse

Are you looking for your next woodworking project? With 2,059 bird species in the USA, a lot of them will be species you could have visiting your yard. It’s not uncommon to see a house finch or song sparrow looking for safety at your home. But if you have nowhere safe for them to rest,…

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work benches DIY

Work Benches DIY: Build a Sturdy Workbench (Step-by-Step)

Work Benches DIY: Build a Sturdy Workbench (Step-by-Step) So you want to work on homemade projects – but what good is that want if you have nowhere to do it? A sturdy work bench can be the reliable foundation you’ve been missing for all your home projects. Work benches can cost hundreds of dollars from…

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