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Woodworking plans for beginners

Woodworking plans for beginners 

Woodworking skill is very useful and handy when in need. If you have some information on how you can work with wood you can easily craft some DIY projects for friends and family. There is a wide range of gifts you can craft by your hand to impress someone special. You can also surprise your family by installing a use full and creatively designed shelf in the living room. Many people call someone who is a professional of woodwork just to get that table assembled or to have that shelf made. If you know how you can work with wood, you can easily do all these projects yourself.

Woodworking tools for beginners 

The most crucial thing is to learn the use of different tools with what you should have to start the woodworking project. Here is a list of some of those tools you will need through many years to come. 

  • Power jointer
  • Circular saw
  • Hand saw. It can be a router or two router 
  • Jigsaw to cut the curves easily
  • You will need tape for measurement 
  • Chisels 
  • Wooden mallet An old school but effective tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Nail set
  • Claw hammer etc.

Take lessons

If you are passionate about woodworking you can take lessons for woodworking. It will help you understand the type of wood you can work with and what can you make. You can get all the knowledge you need. This is also an optional step to take. You can learn all the perks of woodworking when you get into it. 

Woodworking plans for beginners

When you have everything you need that means tools and wood, you have to know what you want to make at first. It is important to start an easy project at first. Woodwork might seem easy but it takes time to get grip on using hammer and stuff. It is not easy for everyone to work with wood. You have to make proper hedges and the plank should be firm, the box should be perfectly shaped, etc.

But you do not have to worry about all this. Once you start your project it will be easy to understand how to work. To make things easier here are some plans for beginners that you can try. 

Office desk organizer

It is a smart choice to start with. You can make any kind of organizer. You can start with a simple square-shaped box for holding the stationary. You can make a horizontal rectangle-shaped box to put your things in. There is also a creative way of making a three-tiered desk organizer that can give a modern and creative outlook to your office desk. 

Mobile holder

You can make an amazing mobile holder with wood. It can be a special gift to your friend or someone who loves to use his phone when working. This mobile holder will help them work and see their phones in intervals. You can carve designs on it or make a shape of wood to make the holder unique than others. 

Boat swing

Yes, you heard it right boat swing set is a go for. You must have seen many swings and different designs of swings but this boat swing set will take you backyard to another level. It will give the edge of uniqueness to it. You will also feel proud of yourself by creating such an amazing piece of fun and art.

Small table

A table is a necessity in every home. You need tables in the bedroom, dining room, living room, and backyard, etc. You can make different types of tables according to your need. But a small oak table is a must-try. This oak wood will give a rich finish and subtle look to your living room. This small table can be replaced with the coffee table or use as a side table for magazines and books. 

Wine shelf

It is a must for almost everyone to have a wine cabinet or wine shelf. You can be creative with this plan. There are plenty of designs for the wine shelf. 

  • You can make a shelf with holed to pit wine bottles upside down for a new look. 
  • You can make a stand where you can put bottles on the shelf and wine glass hanging upside down at the bottom. 
  • You can also make a shelf where you have bottles on one side and glass on the other side.

Tablet holder

It is a fun plan to make a tablet holder as your wife or you might need to see a recipe when cooking. You make a simple tablet holder by making a platform with a deep cut to adjust the tablet inside. You can also be creative to make a figure at the back holding the tablet. There are many ways to work with this. You can be creative and fun. 

Cutting board or a cheeseboard 

Here is also another plan to make an awesome cutting board for the kitchen. This cutting board can be a gift to someone who loves to cook. You can print some quotes or logos on it. You can also create some carvings on one side. You make birders with designs or simple but unique cut. 

There is also an option if gifting a handmade cheeseboard. You can transfer some cheese facts on it. You can give it a unique shape as well. 


Here is a fun plan for you to begin with. Some ideas for making candle holder are:

  • Cut a log into the small piece where you can align the candles in a row on it and put a small vase on one side of the log. 
  • You can create holes in the log and insert the candle inside for rustic appearance
  • You can make small boxes in which you can fill up wax and thread to make your candle.
  • Different boxes of candle holders can be glued together to create a unique style. 

These plans can be helpful for a beginner to start his journey towards the woodworking. You can make stuff from wood as a gift for someone or you can make things you need at your house. In any way, this woodworking experience can be highly rewarding. 

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects