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Top 10 Woodworking Project Plans

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Top 10 Woodworking Project Plans You Should Check Out

woodworking project plans

woodworking project plans

Woodworking project plans: are you interested in trying out some woodworking project plans but don’t know where to start? Keep reading and start here.


Did you know that, according to Home Arise, it costs around $16,200 to furnish a 2,000-square foot house? The cost of furnishing the living room would be around $4,200, while furnishing the dining room would cost $3,000.

Considering these numbers, you might be tempted to build some of your furniture yourself. You might be thinking of completing other woodworking projects, too.

But you might not know where to get started, which can be frustrating.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

Fortunately, with woodworking project plans, you can get great ideas and step-by-step instructions on how to complete your woodworking projects.

In this article, we’ll review the top woodworking project plans you should check out. Finally, you can use these DIY woodworking plans to create the projects you’ve always wanted to. Read on to learn more.

1. Adirondack Chair

The Adirondack chair is a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. If you enjoy relaxing in your front yard or backyard, this is a great choice. The Adirondack chair woodworking project is also easy to assemble, so it’s the perfect choice if you’re a woodworking plans beginner.

Additionally, you can build this chair from durable, inexpensive wood that will look beautiful once you stain it.

You can also combine it with a loveseat and table to complete an entire outdoor furniture set.

2. Bathroom Unit

Do you need a little extra space in your bathroom? Maybe you want to surprise your partner with a handy place to store her bathroom products. Or maybe you want to build a playful bathroom unit where your kids can store their toothbrushes and other toiletries.

This is where building a bathroom unit can be a great idea.

There are many ways you can do this. You can choose to install your bathroom unit as a cabinet above the sink, or you can create a vanity that attaches to the sink itself. You can also create a cupboard or a unit that stands on its own.

3. Bench Projects

One of the most popular woodworking projects is the bench. You can build one for your entryway to create the illusion of a foyer. Another option is to place one in your front yard under a tree for relaxing on, and another is to create a small one for your kids to use in their playroom.

One great bench project is the painting bench. The painting bench is a strong, light bench you can build in around four hours. You can use it for multiple purposes, such as sitting, scaffolding, and as a table.

It’s cheap to make as all the materials will cost under $20.

Another option is the garden bench. The garden bench is a durable and strong bench that you can build using the biscuit joinery technique.

4. Box Designs

Another popular type of woodworking project is the box. You can create a large box for storing larger items or a small box for storing smaller ones (for example, where you can store knickknacks or jewelry).

With a smaller box, it’s easy. All you need is the wood you’re using and a band saw. You should be able to complete this project within an hour.

5. Cabinet Plans

Sometimes, you need a cabinet where you can store small objects so you have easy access to them. Whether you need a cabinet for storing spices and other cooking essentials, or one for your bathroom, this is an important woodworking project plan to have access to.

It’s relatively easy to create a wall-mounted cabinet designed for storage. With classic, attractive details and simple joints, you can make this project in only a few hours. You’ll need to use a drill and table saw.

6. CD/ DVD Holder

If your CDs and DVDs are all over your living room, then you need this solution. You can create this sturdy boxed-in shelf to keep your CDs and DVDs organized. The shelves within it make this possible.

You can choose the width that works for you. For example, if the cabinet is 42 inches wide, it should fit around 60 DC or DVD cases. So depending on how many you have, you can adjust accordingly.

You can also adjust the width depending on how much space you have for the CD/ DVD holder on your wall. It’s easy to build using a table saw.

7. Coat Rack

Do you have a lot of clutter in the entryway of your home? Or maybe your entryway closet is already packed full of jackets, umbrellas, scarves, and maybe even some items you’ve stored. In this case, building a coat rack for your entryway is a great idea.

Part of what makes this such a great choice is that it only takes around an hour to complete this project. You can also get creative with the hooks you use so that the coat rack matches the style of the other decor in your home.

8. Table Plans

When it comes to woodworking, table plans are incredibly popular. One option is the garden or porch table, which will take around 2 hours to build. The tools you need are a drill bit and any saw that you can use to cut through lumber.

As for the wood and additional materials needed to complete this project, they include sandpaper, screws, paint or stain, and lumber.

The screws and cuts are simple, so it’s a great choice if you’re a beginner woodworker.

Additional Table Plans

Another table option is the side table. The side table project takes a little longer, around a day, because of the curved wood that goes from the base to the top of the table. If you like a challenge, this is a good choice. The tools you’ll need are a band saw and the Kreg Jig® R3.

As for the wood and additional materials, these include sandpaper, wood glue, paint/stain, and wood filler.

They also include at least 11 self-tapping pocket screws that are 2 and a half inches, as well as a wooden board that measures 2 by 10 by 10 inches.

A fun alternative? The hanging table. You can attach some rope to a wood cross-section to have a beautiful, artistic, and decorative result.

To create this project, you need a drill, an orbit sander, and a saw. As for the wood and additional materials, these include a hot glue gun, a toggle lock (that fits your eye screw), a rope, an S-hook, an eye screw, felt, and a wood cross-section.

9. Desk Plans

Woodworking desk plans are also quite popular. One example is the wall-mounted desk, which is perfect if you want to build a desk for your kid without it taking up too much space. The wall-mounted desk only takes around two hours to build and the tools needed are a level, drill, and rip saw.

As for the wood and additional materials, these include a pencil, drill bits, a paintbrush, paint, four three-inch cabinet mounting screws, two 9.5- by 9.5-inch bird’s mouth brackets, and painter’s tape.

Additionally, you’ll need a piece of wood that’s 2 by 4 by 93 inches and a finish grade plywood that measures 16 by 40 inches.

Of course, depending on the size of the space where you’re installing the desk, you might decide to make it a different size.

10. Bird Feeder

Building a bird feeder only takes around 20 minutes, so if you want a project that won’t take up too much time and has great results, this is a good option for you. If you’re a newbie, this is a great choice that will challenge your assembling and cutting abilities.

It’s also a good test of your woodwork because it will be left outside to weather the elements.

Finally, there’s something that’s simply charming about a bird feeder—especially if you have kids who want to enjoy nature in their very own backyard.

The tools you need to complete this project are a drill and mitre saw. As for the wood and additional materials, these include birdseed, rope, 1 and ¼ inch wood screws, wood glue, and cedar board.

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Now that you’ve learned about the top woodworking project plans you should check out, you might want to learn more about woodworking project plans. Maybe you want a lengthier list of options or you want to learn more about products or woodworking tools.

Whatever information you need, we can help. At Woodworking Plans, we’re experts when it comes to woodworking.

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