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  Rockler Tools

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been a hobbyist woodworker for years, Rockler offers tools and lumber to suit all your needs. They also offer woodworking classes in their stores, where you can learn how to make a unique piece of furniture.

Aside from tools, they also carry different types of wood materials like dowel rods and inlays. They even sell finishing products and kits for gluing wood materials together.

Jig-It Knob and Pull Pro Drilling Guide

The Jig-It Knob and Pull Pro Drilling Guide from Rockler Woodworking Tools is a high-quality cabinet hardware jig that enhances the speed and accuracy of hardware installation. This product is highly recommended by many professionals and homeowners as it provides a high level of quality and reliability.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

This jig is made from a combination of stainless steel and aluminum parts which make it durable and corrosion-resistant. It has dual metric and inch calibration that makes it easy to measure and drill holes accurately.

It also includes a storage bag to keep all the tools in place and make it easier to carry from one place to another. It also has a quick-release drill guide that helps to detach the parts and make adjustments for measurements quickly.

The jig can be used for a wide range of applications including mounting handles, knobs, and pulls on cabinets, drawers, and doors. The jig has two drilling guide holes that help to mount the hardware properly on the surface of the cabinet or door.

In addition, the jig has a stainless steel ruler with inch and metric scales that can be used for precision measurement. It is lightweight, portable, and has a 2-year warranty for durability.

Aside from the drill guide, this jig set has a number of accessories which include a drill bit, drill bushings, and starter and end stops. It is a high-quality jig set that can be used by amateurs and professional carpenters alike.

Besides the drill guide, this jig has an adjustable start stop collar for repeat drilling operations. It can be adjusted to set the jig at a distance of up to 4 inches from the edge of the cabinet or drawer front in one direction and up to 6 inches in the other direction.

The jig is designed to create absolutely accurate spacing for pull borings and can be used on closet doors, door handles, and recessed front drawers. It has a reversible drill template that offers a 0.0002-inch tolerance and calibrated to 0.001 square inches for accuracy.

The jig has a simple design that is easy to set up and operate. Its patented calibration system and laser-engraved rulers make it a reliable tool for measuring and drilling holes.

Clamp-It Small Corner Clamping Jigs

Lining up panels at a 90deg angle while you drive nails or screws can be an exercise in frustration. Your fingers are too close to the business end of your nailer for comfort, and pieces tend to shift around, making it difficult to keep them in perfect alignment.

The Clamp-It Small Corner Clamping Jigs from Rockler Woodworking Tools provide the right amount of support to hold your next project together. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, all of which have soft pads to help prevent marring of the workpiece.

They also have a high-quality construction with an extra wide base, thick cushioned pads and a strong Acme threaded clamp screw that holds your panel securely in place. These jigs are made from durable glass-filled polycarbonate, so they will stand up to the rigors of regular use.

These jigs are especially useful for smaller projects such as drawer construction, where they can hold the bottom corners of your cabinets securely and prevent them from tipping over. They are sized to fit half-inch and 3/4-inch thick cabinet stock.

One of the slickest ways to get your project finished in record time is to have a clamp that will firmly secure your components in place before you glue them up. The best way to do this is by using a right-angle clamping jig like this.

You can use it to hold any type of material, from wood, plastic or metal. Its a great tool for woodworking, and can even be used to help you build a custom cabinet or a desk.

The Clamp-It Small Corner Clamping is a must-have tool for any woodworker. It’s designed to be used with the Rockler Clamp-It Assembly Square, which is available separately (#58918, sold separately). When combined, this jig and assembly square are the best way to assemble cabinets or any other project that requires precise clamping at a 90deg angle. The jig can also be used to make quick work of other tasks, such as edge gluing, trim repair and molding.

Magnetic LED Task Light

Rockler Woodworking Tools, with over 25 stores across the country, is one of the largest sources for the woodworking industry. Their selection includes everything from hand tools to wood materials, finishing tools, and measuring and marking accessories.

For example, they have a wide variety of LED task lights. Some of these are more suited for a workshop than others, but all of them are capable of providing extra illumination where you need it.

Some of the best LED work lights are portable, so you can keep them with you as you work. These options range from small handheld flashlights to larger fixtures that can provide plenty of brightness for a large workspace.

This particular model from Innofox is a two-pack that comes with a fully rechargeable design and features a 40W COB LED panel that offers up to 1500 lumens of light. The battery lasts for about 2 hours of use on full power, which is enough for most tasks.

Another great option is the IlluminMax LED Magnetic Work Light, which comes in a handheld, collapsible design. It features a strong neodymium magnet built into the narrow base and a bright LED that folds into the handle. It is rated to run on four AAA batteries and weighs in at around 6 ounces, making it ideal for mechanics or homeowners who prefer a handheld option over a stand-alone unit.

The magnetic base is able to clamp securely onto metal surfaces for hands-free steady lighting. It also has a folding head that adjusts to multiple angles and swivels 180 degrees for precise light placement.

While this is not the most bright light we tested, it does offer a lot of versatility. It can be used on a desk, attached to a metal bench or even mounted to a car hood.

Lastly, the Magnetic Cord Keeper from Rockler is an innovative device that keeps unplugged power tool cords off the ground so you can grab them and plug them in when you need them. This is a really useful piece of gear for any woodworker who has to deal with a cluttered shop floor or garage.

Joinery Tool Bag

If you’re looking for a sturdy bag to store your hand tools and other supplies, Rockler Woodworking Tools has the perfect solution. The Joinery Tool Bag is made of a heavyweight polyester weave and features a rugged diamond-pattern PVC reinforced bottom. Its main compartment divider is reinforced with a plywood core, and there’s a comfortable, rugged plastic carrying handle. The bag also has seven pockets to provide storage for smaller tools, or fasteners like screws, nails, biscuits and dowels.

When you’re working on a complex project, it can be a good idea to carry around a hammer so that you have a light-duty tool that’s always close by. The Halder 50mm mallet is a good size that has soft blue and medium-hard grey faces and will be ideal for tapping or striking the corners of a tabletop, trim molding or other wood joinery.

While a hammer isn’t necessarily the most useful tool for your woodworking projects, it can be a good idea to keep one on-hand because it can help you get the job done quicker. This particular Halder hammer is a 50mm face size and has a cast iron head, so it’s durable enough for use on heavier, more challenging projects.

There are also many other hammers that you can purchase that have different faces and are designed for specific applications. Some of these include the Craftsman hammer, which is an excellent choice for home improvement projects.

You can also choose the Halder Xtreme hammer for more professional jobs, or you can check out the Halder Pro series of hammers to find a lighter-duty hammer that’s great for home improvement or general construction. Regardless of your needs, a good quality hammer is an invaluable addition to any shop.

Besides the hammer, it’s important to have some other hand tools on hand in your shop. Whether it’s a block plane to chamfer or trim a tabletop, or a small saw for fine-tuning edges or drawer slides, a few simple hand tools can make all the difference in your shop work.

The tool pouches from Rockler are designed for storing a variety of tools and accessories, including gluing tools, marking and measuring aids and fasteners. They come in a 3-Pack, and each pouch has a metal grommet that makes it easy to hang on pegs or hooks throughout your shop.


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TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects