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Profitable products for handmade woodworking businesses to build and sell

Profitable products for handmade woodworking businesses to build and sell

Woodworking is fun and it can also make you some good money. Wood creations sell way better compared to plastic and metal. If you are into woodworking and you enjoy making things but you have not perfected, you can search for woodworking plans for sale and maybe they can help. Most of the woodworking plans for sale are crafted by professionals and they can guide you step by step on how to make an item you desire or you can even turn it into a business idea. If you are determined about making some good money from woodworking, you can get the plans and try out some of the following ideas.

Wooden toys

Wooden toys will go out of fashion, no matter how technology advance. The wooden toys are cuter and most importantly, they last for a longer time compared to other types of toys. The toys look fantastic in nurseries and the bedrooms of children. Most parents prefer wooden toys so you will never lack the market as long as you make something that is unique and admirable. You can also make some for your kids if it’s not business you are interested with.

Coat racks

If you have ever been into a home where there is a wooden coat rack on the wall you will agree with me that it has a striking feature. Well, you can make money from making these home accessories and the good news is that they are very easy to build. All you will most probably need is some woods, nails, and wrought iron hangers and make a coat rack that is going to make you some good money.

Picture frames

Wooden picture frames are another thing that will always have the market. There are many options for picture frames but most people tend to prefer wooden frames to other options. Wooden picture frames are considered cheap yet quality and hence people. So no matter what, you will still make some good money from picture frames. It is a great idea to try and the good thing is it is easy to learn.

Fruit bowls

Fruit bowls are always a great addition in the kitchen and provide a practical feature in your house. A fruit bowl will look even more exceptional if it is made out of wood. There are a lot of people who will prefer wooden fruit bowls to plastic ones and it can be a profitable idea to venture in. Just make sure that your fruit bowls are added some attractive designs something a person will not mind buying it even at a higher price.

Wooden furniture

Making wooden furniture is where you can make a lot of money if you do it right. Most furniture in our homes is made of wood. This is because wooden furniture provides a long-lasting solution for furniture and you are cute if done well. If you are looking for furniture woodworking plans for sale, you can get some from here and you can start your journey of making money by selling wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is a broad category and you can maybe decide to specialize in one idea. For example, you can decide to be making benches and perfect in that. You can also get woodworking bench plans for sale from here. Maybe you can decide to make coffee tables, whichever your choice is, you can be sure of making some good money out of it.

Wooden utensils

Knives, spoons, forks, and other utensils made out of wood looks classy and kind of decorate your dining room every time you use them to serve your family or guests. The wood also acts as an insulator to the metal utensils that can turn hot when being used. If you can be able to make some unique wooden utensils, you can be sure to make some good money from it. It is not hard to make but yet it is highly profitable as you don’t get to use a lot of wood.

Corner wall shelves

Coat racks are one thing and corner wall shelves are another. These additions to home bring a special feature to both contemporary and traditional houses. There are lots of homes that make use of these shelves and you can make money from the idea. It is not a hard idea to execute and if done right, it can make you good profits. You will mostly require wood and glue and I don’t think there is anything else. What will remain is to follow the woodworking plan you have and you are good to go.

Wooden pallet Christmas trees

This is an idea that you will be most useful during the festive season which is near anyway. You can make quick money by selling wooden pallet Christmas trees. They are not hard to make and you can make good profits from it. You will just need to some chunky wood and pile them next to each other, add Christmas decorations and you are good to go.


There are a lot of people who keep birds in their homes and the birds need a home. A birdhouse will look even classier if it is made from high-quality wood and in a unique design. Bird owners will not mind buying a birdhouse made out of cedar or Cyprus tree even at a higher cost. Just make sure the birdhouses are of high-quality and you can count on the idea to make some good profits.

Dog beds

Dog beds can be very expensive and most pet owners tend to look for an alternative by buying a plastic one but you will agree with me that a wooden dog bed is more attractive. As the owner is looking for a cheaper alternative, he or she will be attracted to your wooden dog bed and will not mind spending a few dollars on it.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects