Desk Plans Woodworking 4 You Can Build Yourself

Desk Plans Woodworking 4 You Can Build Yourself

Desk Plans Woodworking 4 You Can Build Yourself

Desk Plans Woodworking 4 You Can Build Yourself

Desk plans woodworking are an essential addition to any home. They provide space for kids to do homework or arts and crafts projects while being compact enough to store away when not needed. Here are some free DIY desk plans to get you going.

Handmade Haven offers a free farmhouse style desk plan complete with materials list, building directions and color photos. Additionally, an upgrade option to a printable PDF for an affordable fee can also be purchased.

Desk Plans Woodworking Chippendale-style

A Chippendale-style desk adds sophistication to any room. This type of desk features a rectangular top and drawers. Additionally, this piece can also serve as secretary table; its drawers typically come equipped with ornamental loop handles and escutcheons, and its legs typically resemble claw and ball feet – perfect for libraries and state rooms alike!

This style of furniture was popular during Thomas Chippendale’s lifetime in England as a cabinet-maker and cabinetmaker. His trademark combination of gothic and rococo styles became iconic among European furniture designs of his day; these styles later inspired similar furniture designs across Europe and colonial America.

There are numerous free plans online for creating a classic chippendale-style desk, complete with material lists and assembly instructions. These DIY projects are ideal for beginner woodworkers; you can build them in just one day! Plus, some projects even provide video tutorials for added guidance!

Neatly Living’s tutorial for creating a floating desktop desk offers further free desk plans, detailing basic materials and steps required for its construction. Once built, this piece can easily fit in rooms of all sizes while also matching any room decor with ease.

Floating desktops are simple to create and an ideal choice for small spaces. Being lightweight and portable, they’re easily transported. Also perfect as DIY desks, they can be assembled in no time with any material you prefer – most commonly pine and plywood are popular choices; others require only additional power tools and saws for assembly.

Corner floating desks are an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to any room, perfect for filling small corners of a room or being placed over filing cabinets to give them a custom look. DIY corner floating desks can be constructed in just an afternoon using Ashley from Handmade Haven’s free material list and assembly guide as well as their upgraded PDF for purchase.


The school-style desk is an easy, practical design that offers customized workspace. Easy to build and perfect for use in any room of your house, this convenient piece can also be easily transported across classrooms as students move. Constructed from various materials like ash or maple it can even be stained to complement its surroundings perfectly!

This DIY writing desk is the ideal project for beginning woodworkers. Providing a place for sitting down and writing with paper or notebook, yet lacking storage capabilities found on computer desks. Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating has provided detailed plans and building steps on her blog – this project takes just an afternoon!

Consider creating a sophisticated Chippendale-style desk, as Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof has done. Premade panel inserts save time and make this project more manageable for beginners. This plan comes complete with detailed instructions as well as a printable material list.

If you need a large desk, consider using filing cabinets and adding your desktop on top. This method allows for customization by choosing cabinet bases and stain colors – mama and More offers an informative tutorial for this project which includes step-by-step process photos.

Building a wooden desk from plywood can add an industrial-inspired touch to any room, as demonstrated in this DIY project from Neatly Living. Following their basic layout to create an internal storage cubby and stain or paint it to suit any decor is quick and simple – you could build this desk in just one day!

To build this DIY wood desk, start by preparing its frame. Cut two 30″ 1×4 boards and drill pocket holes at each end before using a jig saw to cut notches out of one of them using a notch saw blade. Next, glue and screw all boards to each leg – front, back “chair”, middle frame as well as 3/4″ plywood as seat for your desk!

Simple modern

Modern desks feature sleek designs that blend well into any living space, so if you want one for yourself at an affordable cost, build one yourself! Ana White provides free plans with dimensions, materials list, cut lists, step-by-step instructions, diagrams and user photos so you can build one yourself! Her Sawhorse Trestle Desk design costs much less!

Love and Renovations has an easy-to-follow rustic trestle desk plan, which features a simple wooden shape. Customization options make this ideal for home office environments; just move it when rearranging workspace! Plus, minimal woodworking skills are required, meaning this DIY project should take only a few days!

Build a modern farmhouse desk that’s both attractive and practical with this project by Katie Barton. Her instructions include steps for building a 9.5-foot desk over cabinets using woodworking tools, staining, finishing, and securing it securely – ideal for both novice and expert woodworkers alike! This tutorial makes woodworking accessible.

Rona offers this wood computer desk plan as a more traditional writing desk option with ample workspace and storage. Their tutorial provides step-by-step guidance to building the project, and it can easily be customized to different sizes of desks. Plus, build an accompanying book stand to complete the look!

Modern-style trestle desks are great additions to small spaces and easy to make yourself. Love and Renovations has designed one which can be assembled within 24 hours – ideal for use as home office desk or kids study table! Only $40 worth of supplies are necessary and it’s easily portable; plus you can paint it to match any decor scheme!


Fold-down desks are an effective way to save space in any home office. Constructing them can save considerable room while also giving you some valuable practice woodworking techniques like dovetailing. A project like this will give beginners confidence as you develop their woodworking abilities; alternatively you may find online instructions which will guide them step by step through this process.

Based on your needs and style preferences, you can create a wall-mounted folding desk to suit both space and budget. You can use it for work, play or storage – adding stylish functionality to any room in your home! Customize it even further so it fits a particular corner or area such as behind a wall; best of all this DIY project requires minimal investment and time commitment!

At first, build the frame for your fold-down wall-mounted desk. Place two 36″x 8″x 3/4″ pieces of wood parallel to each other on a flat surface and use a framing square to align their corners. Pre-drill holes and connect boards using wood screws. Next, mark placement for folding leg brackets using combination square; pre-drill holes into them before drilling out larger screws to fasten.

Once your legs are complete, it’s time to construct the face of your desk. Cut 1×3 slats to appropriate lengths and secure them together using 14″ screws or pocket holed ends of each slat for securement against frame. Finally, screw in four catches that will secure desk top in its place.

If you want your desk to exude sophistication, coat it in varnish. There are various kinds available on the market; water-based varnish products are considered eco-friendly and will protect its surfaces from staining.